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Jim Molan @ Toukley RSL

By March 13, 2018 No Comments

Senator Jim Molan AO, DSC to meet with Central Coast RSL members at Toukley RSL

Senator Molan will be at Toukley RSL on Wednesday 18th April at 2.00pm to conduct an open forum with the ex-service community. Central Coast Sub Branch members have been invited to attend the session which could run up until 4.00pm giving everyone the opportunity to speak with Senator Molan on and individual basis.

Senator Jim Molan AO, DSC

Jim Molan is a highly decorated and now retired Australian Army Major General who served his country for 40 years.  Jim has given in so many ways as an infantryman, a helicopter pilot, Commander of army units up to a division of 15,000 soldiers, commander of the Australian Defence Colleges and of the evacuation force from the Solomon Islands.  Jim was deployed to Iraq as Coalition’s Chief of Operations, during a period of continuous and intense combat.

Beyond his time in the military, Jim has been called upon as an expert commentator on defence and security issues by the media and in a number of journals and blogs.  He is a highly qualified, honourable and humbling expert speaker on “Leadership in Challenging Times”.  Jim is able to convey the need for leadership, strategy and calm under pressure, and we could all benefit from a lesson like that.