Disaster Assistance

28 February 2022

Disaster assistance available to veterans in flood-affected areas

Dear Members
Our thoughts are with those living in areas affected by flooding and take this opportunity to highlight the support available to veterans

who may be experiencing hardship.

Natural Disaster Support

RSL DefenceCare supports veterans and their families impacted by natural disasters such as flood, drought, and bushfires. Our partner charity can pay bills on behalf of veterans and can transfer funds to provide short-term respite.

If you know a veteran that has been affected by recent flooding and requires access to financial support, please contact the team at RSL DefenceCare via their website or by calling (02) 8088 0388.

Other support offered by RSL LifeCare Veteran Services

RSL NSW sub-Branches donated $2.1 million to RSL LifeCare/DefenceCare last year to ensure that holistic support is available to all veterans and their families including housing assistance, financial support, assistance with DVA claims, and advocacy at the Veterans’ Review Board.

For veterans who are experiencing financial hardship, RSL DefenceCare can help cover the cost of bills and household essentials. If you are struggling to find a place to live, or stay in your home, they can provide housing assistance.

Visit the RSL DefenceCare website to find out more about accessing these services.