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Honour Restored

By August 16, 2021 No Comments

Lost and found – These medals were found resting individually, incomplete and un-loved in the bottom of a cardboard box at the Sub Branch office for who knows how long.  Once rescued, they have now been beautifully restored to give them the respect that they are due.

It wasn’t just a simple matter of sticking some medals on a board. Each medal was examined to determine the rightful recipient. On-line research by the Sub Branch President and his assistant revealed that the sets were incomplete. Some of the medals were also in a sad state. After consultations with the Committee, the President organized for incomplete sets to be completed in accordance with Commonwealth records. That done, he has mounted them in a manner suitable for display in our memorabilia cabinets. On the reverse of the mounting boards is information pertaining each of the recipients and their medals.

He is no doubt getting bored during the COVID-19 lockdown, so we are going to have to find something more for him to do. Anyone got any suggestions? No – just kidding; he has ample Sub Branch business to keep him busy every day.